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Our experience enables us to provide grippers designed to your expectations at optimised weight and cost and according to all your requirements. 

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The NS Innov range
NOVA-SYS, Innovation vector

The creation of the NS-Innov range allows us to offer our customers products of quality and which, most importantly, have been produced within the company. Our grippers are approuved by our customers.

Design and execution according to your standards
Accuracy first and foremost

Whether we are talking about grippers or special machines, we work on all our projects with the same concern: to satisfy the customer and comply with their requirements and standards.

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A global solution

Over and above occasional visits, NOVA-SYS enters into a partnership with its customers for the design and implementation of grippers. It supports them in the search for a gripping solution specific to their production method. Collaborative working between the project design teams creates a synergy in the production of a relevant technical response.

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wilding machine evolution

Our wilding machine is a success. Therefor we have choosen to enlarge ou team in order to increase our production capacity


FIP trade show 2021

From 15 to 18 June 2021, meet us at Lyon Eurexpo. 




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The Taylor pneumatic Finger

CPS 20 A

  • Avantages
  • As our CML. 
  • In order to allow adaptive building finger, we separate the head from the corpse so as to keep the function but we open the possibility. 
  • We can now choose form and material. 
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